Stephanie March first gets cheated on and then cheated out of a home by Bobby Flay

Stephanie March divorced her allegedly cheating ex-husband Bobby Flay, who walks away with both homes the couple used to own. Divorce finalized in July 2015

Bobby Flay must be the most charming man on Earth in person, given the women he’s been associated with. Stephanie March married the man and stayed with him for ten years. But he has also been linked to January Jones and Giada de Laurentiis, both beautiful women.

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But on TV the chef is arrogant, full of himself and pretty much a jerk most of the time. So what could be so appealing to them women around him? Does power truly make attractive?

Be that as it may, he recently divorced actress Stephanie March and it wasn’t a pretty affair. Interestingly it was him who pulled the plug on the marriage, but that may well have been because he’s alleged to have been together with Giada de Laurentiis, who’s also been going through a divorce. Perhaps he finally decided to divorce his wife after things got more serious with Giada.

The separation occurred in March, only six months ago, and it got ugly a few weeks later in April. You see, the problem is that there was a prenup. And Stephanie had signed it back in 2005 when the world was still pink and rosy.

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The agreement decreed that Stephanie would receive $5,000 per month in spousal support in the event of a divorce. And Bobby had every intention to keep it at that. Not only did he sent her the agreed upon check in April, but he also cancelled the credit card she had been using to pay for food and other living expense. A decidedly low move.

Her lawyers then sent the check back with a letter challenging the prenup and calling it reprehensible. After ten years together Stephanie certainly deserved better. The woman had been taking care of her ill mother this past year and has apparently not been very healthy either. It has been said that she had suffered a ruptured appendix as well as three infections. Though it was alleged from Bobby’s side that her health issues stem from a breast augmentation surgery that didn’t go too well.

It’s a fact that Stephanie has not been working as an actress since last year and even then she only had one role to her name.

Given that Bobby is worth $20 Million and Stephanie is more or less unemployed, it behoves him to take care of his ex-wife, especially should the cheating allegations be true.

Giada De Laurentiis-Bobby Flay's new found love!

The divorce was finalized in July, which is surprising, because most divorces take a lot longer, especially when they are acrimonious. But when the divorce was settled, it was also said that it had been amicable.

It’s more likely that lawyers worked out a deal that both could agree on without losing too much face. Apparently Stephanie will receive a considerable amount more than those $5,000, but it has not been disclosed how much more. On the other hand, however, she has lost her home. Bobby will keep the Manhattan apartment and their house in The Hamptons. Chances are he paid for both homes anyway, but it’s still not a nice move.

Stephanie had been living in the Manhattan apartment with her sick mother and it was said that she was meant to move out in the next few months, though that was back in July. Whilst she apparently hasn’t moved out yet, she is doing as well as can be hoped for, enjoying single life, but likely not moving back into the dating game just yet.

Bobby Flay, however, is now rumoured to make his relationship to Giada de Laurentiis official, especially after she just finalized her own divorce.

We shall see if there is any truth to this, because the two have never confirmed that they are seeing each other and denied it in the past.


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Stephanie March and Bobby Flay at an event

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