Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have no hard feelings after their divorce, or do they?

Blake Shelton‘s and Miranda Lambert’s divorce was not just a sudden affair, but also over very quickly. But what exactly caused it? Divorce finalized 30th July or 1st August 2015

Country music’s power couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton met in 2005 and have been together ever since. Blake was still married when they first met, but was divorced within a year. The couple had a six-year relationship before they decided to go down the aisle in 2011.

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That same year Blake first appeared on The Voice, which he has now been successful with for four years.

When Blake and Miranda announced the separation in July this year, pretty much everyone was stunned. What’s more, the couple filed in Oklahoma, where they had one of their homes, and the divorce was done and dusted within nine or ten days.

Because of their prenup and the fact that they had no children, the divorce was a done deal. It would appear neither of them contended the prenup and they simply split everything the way it had been arranged a few years ago, keeping their own assets in the process.

But obviously the proceedings weren’t left uncommented.

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Before long cheating allegations emerged and whilst Blake was accused of cheating with one woman, Miranda was accused to have cheated with as many as five men during the course of her relationship with Blake.

All of those affairs were denied on both sides and since there is no evidence aside from those infamous insider sources that so often get cited, it seems doubtful that anything happened. Mind you, both would have had plenty of opportunity when being on tour and away from each other.

But surely that’s not a basis to get married on?

On the other side Blake’s job on The Voice has been blamed for the end of their marriage as well. Whilst that makes a lot more sense, it would be somewhat ironic given that Blake started on the job the same year he and Miranda married. And whilst he lost Miranda, he still has the job.

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert snapped at a red carpet event

Miranda allegedly wasn’t fond of Blake working on the show, because it meant he pretty much lived eight months a year in Los Angeles, a city she is said to dislike at best. She prefers their other homes, which is understandable. And whilst Blake received the celebrity treatment, she wanted to be as far away from it as possible, even though she visited him whenever possible.

At the same time she likes to be on tour and work on albums whenever she wants, which kind of means that the two have come to lead pretty separate lives.

Interestingly it was Blake who filed for divorce. The two had already been separated when he filed and it’s been said that he wanted to just get it over with whilst she was still thinking things over.

Be that as it may, Blake recently said that he and Miranda were still ‘buddies’ and that there were no hard feelings between them. That is certainly a curious expression, because it would indicate that there might have been reason for hard feelings to be there. So was someone cheating after all?


We are likely not going to find out unless one of them wants to dish out some dirt for some reason. At a concert in July Miranda broke down when she performed a song that was given to her by Blake. Clearly it wasn’t a clean-cut divorce for her, but she’s been in better spirits lately.

By the way, given their very recent split and divorce, it’s not actually very likely that either of them will be dating anytime soon, but Blake has been romantically linked to fellow The Voice coach Gwen Stefani, with whom he has apparently ‘crazy chemistry’. Gwen incidentally just announced her own divorce, but ever reliable Gossip Cop already debunked the story and said there’s no truth to it.

Musically those two would make a strange couple and Gwen probably has other things to worry about right now anyway.

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