Billie Piper’s second divorce was very different from her first one

Billie Piper has been married and divorced twice now and has two children. Her marriages and her divorces couldn’t have been more different from each other. Divorce finalized in May 2016

When Billie Piper married Chris Evans in 2001 she was 18 and he was 32. The wedding happened in secret in Las Vegas after the two had been dating for only six months. Many eyebrows were raised when news of the wedding emerged.

Billie Piper with first husband Chris Evans

Chris was reportedly doting on his young bride, but ultimately their age difference caught up with them and the two separated and filed for divorce in 2004. It was Chris who admitted that it had indeed been the age difference that had caused them trouble and ultimately led to the split.

But it was not a contentious separation. Interestingly it took nearly three years before the divorce was finalized. It’s not apparent what the hold-up was, but it certainly wasn’t a fight over money. Billie made very clear that she didn’t want any of her estranged husband’s money. He had quite a fortune to his name even then, but Billie didn’t feel that she was entitled to any of it and even called it ‘disgusting’ to take money from Chris.

Whilst the divorce took surprisingly long to be sorted, both Chris and Billie had long moved on by the time it was granted in May 2007. Billie had been dating Lawrence Fox since 2006 and by the time she married him in December 2007, her ex Chris had already remarried as well.

Billie Piper with second husband Laurence Fox

That her first divorce was not contentious is evidenced by the fact that Billie and Chris managed to remain good friends after their separation. Chris even attended Billie’s wedding with his new wife and it’s been said that Billie has been getting support from Chris after her separation from her second husband.

Billie and Lawrence were married for a little over eight years before they announced their separation in March 2016. They confirmed the split on his Facebook page, but didn’t give much of an explanation for it. They merely said that there had been no third parties involved, putting to rest any rumours before they might emerge.

Fans were surprised that the two actor/singers had separated. Their marriage had always been considered quite solid. They shared two sons and always seemed happy and supportive of each other. But apparently they had started to drift apart a while ago.

Rumours suggested that Lawrence had wanted another child, but in at least one interview it sounded as if Billie needed convincing.

Billie Piper and Chris Evans say cheese

So-called sources said that a new baby would not have saved the marriage anyway. Billie didn’t want another child and by the sound of things it was her who ended the relationship. Lawrence is the one who was left heartbroken.

He’s also been the one to mention the divorce here and there. When he gave a concert, he talked about his ‘dead hamster’, which very much appeared to be a metaphor for his divorce. He has been struggling.

Lawrence also admitted that he is now concentrating on his concerts and being a single dad. He and Billie share custody of their sons, which is the only detail we know for sure about their divorce agreement.

The divorce was decreed in May, only two months after it had been filed. Neither party had been in attendance at court when the divorce was granted, which is why it took only 50 seconds to be done and dusted. That’s a lot faster than Billie’s first divorce.

Billie has not talked about her divorce at all at this stage. She has reportedly been seeking solace with friends, among them first husband Chris Evans. This is said to have caused Lawrence further grief. Apparently Chris’ wife isn’t entirely happy with the situation either. But there’s absolutely no suggestion that Chris and Billie are rekindling their romance.

It stands to reason that Billie would turn to someone who knows her very well and who’s been in her corner for many years. If either Lawrence or Chris’ wife are jealous of Billie’s bond to Chris, then it suggests a lack of trust on their part, not any wrong-doing on Billie’s or Chris’ part.

At this stage it matters mostly that Billie and Lawrence manage to peacefully co-parent their two young boys. They’ll move on to new partners eventually.


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