Hillary Clinton will forgive Bill Clinton 490 times before she’ll consider divorce

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been married since 1975. Through their many, often public, ups and downs they’ve held together and are not likely to divorce ever.

When you’ve been married for 40 years, divorce is not something that is likely to happen, especially when you’ve had plenty of reason and opportunity throughout those 40 years.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton amidst the crowd

Bill and Hillary have been married since 1975 and they have one daughter together, who has made them grandparents for the first time last year. But are they a happy couple?


After all the infidelities Bill Clinton is known to have committed, they cannot be called a couple in love. But do they care for each other?

Enough to stay married.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton at the stage

Even when Bill was still governor he cheated on Hillary. At that time there was no presidency in sight (though it’s been claimed that they had their eyes on the presidency all along) and Hillary could have divorced him then. But she didn’t.

Nobody would have taken issue, had she distanced herself from Bill after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But once again she stood by him. Apparently Hillary once said that there are worse things in life than infidelity.

She also once said this: “In the Bible it says they asked Jesus how many times you should forgive, and he said 70 times 7. Well, I want you all to know that I’m keeping a chart.”

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton look great together

Surely Bill has not slept with nearly 500 women. And he’s not getting any younger, so hopefully he’ll never get to 490.

The likelihood of Hillary divorcing Bill approaches nil. There have been reports that she filed for divorce in January this year, but there was no follow up. A very similar report was rehashed as an April Fool’s joke, which means no one actually believed this was a thing.

At the end of the day, whatever else Bill and Hillary might be, they are a political power couple and have been since his early days as a politician and governor. Some say divorcing Bill would set her up as an independent woman for the presidency.

But let’s not forget the traditional values of many Americans and that her chances to win as a divorcee may not be great. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton look happyWhilst traditional Americans also prefer to vote conservative

Republican rather than Democratic, some may be swayed by her huge experience in politics and, indeed, the fact that she is a woman.

The US may be ready for their first female president, but they wouldn’t vote for her if she were a divorcee. It’s a fact that not one American president has ever divorced in office or afterwards. And only one president has been divorced at all, but that was 30 years before his presidency and Ronald Reagan was very happily married to Nancy for the rest of his life.

Bill and Hillary have made their relationship work, perhaps because it’s a political partnership more than anything else. And let’s face it: Hillary is enough of an independent woman even without getting a divorce.

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Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton say cheese

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Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton' onetime girlfriend

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