Bhumika Chawla has no explanation for rumours that she is divorcing Bharat Thakur

Bhumika Chawla and Bharat Thakur may be an unlikely couple, but that doesn’t mean they are an unhappy couple. After they put divorce rumours to rest they had their first child and are still happily married.

When you get married to someone after having been with them for four years, it’s safe to say that you’re pretty serious about that person. Bhumika Chawla is a pretty and popular actress and when she married yoga instructor Bharat Thakur, a lot of people seem to have thought her wasted on him.

Bharat Thakur and Bhumika Chawla at a wedding

He is neither very dashing nor the most handsome man she could have married; instead he has a larger than life personality, is arrogant and likes to show off. He is popular and charismatic, however, and although much more extravagant than Bhumika, who prefers to keep a low profile, she does love him and apparently Bharat gets some love from fans as well.

The two may be an unlikely couple and perhaps they are opposites in many ways, but – as they say – opposites do attract and as long as the two have enough in common to keep them together, they will stay together.

But for some reason divorce rumours made the rounds in 2011, about four years into their marriage. And most of them were pretty nasty, too. It’s been said that Bharat had cheated on Bhumika and touched other women inappropriately, because they weren’t his wife. Bharat apparently said that he had only touched other women, his clients, in a professional way as a yoga instructor, but rumour claimed that she wouldn’t believe him.

Bhumika Chawla and Bharat Thakur arrive at an event

Then there were two failed business ventures to make movies that Bharat apparently convinced his wife to launch, but they both failed. He was also unsuccessful with something that he had invested in, which apparently added to the tension and ultimately caused Bhumika to move out of the marital home.

She did, in fact, spent some time at her parent’s home, which was apparently proof that she and her husband were over and that she had filed for divorce.

None of the rumours had any substance to them and no source was ever really confirmed. Sure, there were the obligatory ‘friends’ close to the couple, or colleagues claiming to know, but eventually Bhumika had enough of the rumours and addressed pretty much all of them.

She admitted that their business ventures didn’t succeed, but that that wasn’t enough to actually split from someone. Just because a film (which was what the investment was all about) bombs at the box office, one doesn’t get a divorce. Even if two films turn out unsuccessful it’s not a reason to break up.

Bhumika Chawla and Bharat Thakur at a movie premiere

She also said that their differences in personality didn’t bother her and that she was happy with her husband, who was also not cheating on her.

And the reason she had left their marital home for a while to be with her parents was also easily explained. They had been in an accident not long ago and her mother was about to have major surgery. What daughter wouldn’t want to support her family in such times?

At the time the potential for having a baby in the future was addressed as well and she confirmed that she would indeed want to be a mother, and not to strengthen her marriage, but because she wanted to actually have a child with her husband.

And a child they had. Their son was born in 2014 and he was welcomed joyfully. Bhumika expressed her happiness over becoming a mother and said that she wouldn’t stop acting in the future.

For all we know she and her husband and son are still a happy family and no further divorce rumours have reared their ugly heads.


Bhumika Chawla and Bharat Thakur say cheese

Bharat Thakur and Bhumika Chawla posing

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