Beyoncé is pregnant by, divorcing from and happily in love with Jay-Z – or is she?

Since 2014 at least rumours of a divorce, an illegitimate love child and baby number two have been rampant. But what is really going on with Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a mega super star. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been famous, successful and in the public eye long before they became a couple and then married in 2008. Combining two powerhouses into one was never going to be just for show. Though there are still some, who claim their marriage is more or a less a publicity stunt.

Beyonce and Jay-Z happy days

Famous couples are often beset by divorce rumours. It seems the more famous, the more the rumours abound, and not just about divorce, but just about everything else as well.

Over the years Jay-Z has cheated on Beyoncé, they’ve been expecting child no. 2 for some time, Beyoncé is fed up with him for unknown reasons or they are most definitely on the brink of divorce.

None of these claims have ever been substantiated.

Jay-Z may not look the smartest, but he’s a very successful hip hop mogul, which suggests that he is pretty smart. Why would he cheat on one of the most beautiful women in the world? Unless, of course, Beyoncé is a total diva.

Fun time for Jay-Z & Beyonce

Jay-Z has also been battling a 21-year old man, who claims to be his son, for four years now. Whilst Jay-Z refuses to have a paternity test, he also denies that this is true. Along with this particular story comes the rumour that Beyoncé would be very unhappy if her daughter had an illegitimate half-brother.

Yet on recent holidays on a yacht in Italy they seemed like a perfectly happy couple, a perfectly happy little family.

All those rumours are spread by ‘sources close to the couple’, but would these two really surround themselves with anyone who is not entirely trustworthy? Surely they’re too smart for that.

Jay-Z & Beyonce as spectators

There’s a reason Beyoncé has not given a single interview in 18 months. Though the gossip rags differ in their opinions on what that reason might be. She may well want to avoid questions about her personal life and who could blame her? Or she simply doesn’t want to dignify those questions with an answer.

Lately the news are once more preoccupied with the question if Beyoncé is pregnant again. First she was nearly ready to announce her divorce, and then she apparently discovers that she’s pregnant, putting a hold on said divorce.

Whilst some are taking their lack of a second child as further proof that the marriage is doomed, others say that they’ve been trying unsuccessfully for some time. And with the break-up of their marriage all but imminent, all of a sudden a sister or brother for Blue might just be what they needed.

Beyonce and Jay-Z say cheese

Jay-Z allegedly agreed to couples therapy once more and Beyoncé hopes this will fix their marriage. Again, none of this has been actually confirmed by anyone who would most definitely know. And when did a baby ever fix a relationship?

How does it make sense that Beyoncé is ready to end her marriage and become single mother to a 3-year old, and once a baby is on the way the parents decide to raise both their young children together after all?

Surely Jay-Z would look after his kids no matter his relationship status with Beyoncé. He does seem to be a doting father. And if he and his wife face so much discontent, he’d even be a happier father if they would split. Same would be true for Beyoncé.

None of these rumours add up in any way. Beyoncé would never go public with a pregnancy until at least the first trimester was over. Which means we won’t know for sure for a little while in any case.

For now all we know is that the family has just been on vacation looking quite happy. The rumours are just that, rumours. And unless we hear something from an official source and not just someone who claims to be, we have no reason to assume that there will be a divorce any time soon.


Jay-Z & Beyonce stage show

Beyonce and Jay-Z look gorgeous

Jay-Z & Beyonce share a laugh

Jay-Z & Beyonce dine out

Beyonce and Jay-Z look crazy in love

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