If a marriage should end, follow the example of Bert and Stacey Weiss

Bert and Stacey Weiss married soon after they met and worked through all problems together, but eventually the fight was lost and they decided to divorce.

Marriage is hard. Nobody ever said it would be or should be easy when two people decide to share their life and make a family. There’s compromise, there are fights, there a hurdles to take and through it all one doesn’t want to lose oneself. But many of us do it anyway and mostly for love.

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Bert Weiss met now estranged wife Stacey in 1996 and it didn’t take them long to get married. They had two sons and decided to not just become partners in life but in business as well, founding the Bert’s Big Adventure foundation, a non-profit that helps kids with terminal or chronic illnesses.

Listeners of The Bert Show knew that not everything was always well. Whilst Bert didn’t wash his dirty laundry on air, he did make remarks about his marriage here and there. In one, now infamous, segment he read out jokes his wife had someone write about him, which were pretty hurtful and sounded more like complaints than jokes.

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Bert didn’t take that too well.

When the couple announced in January this year that they would get a divorce, many were shocked, but perhaps not surprised. Bert explained that he and Stacey had tried everything. They had fought for their marriage until the bitter end and he had even handed in divorce papers a month before the announcement was made, ultimately rescinding in order to give it one last shot.

They failed.

It’s a tough one to admit to, but they ultimately had to face the fact that they no longer loved each other as husband and wife should. The spark was gone. But the fact that they tried everything, and apparently for quite some time, does seem to indicate that they truly cared for each other.

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For the sake of their future happiness they decided to end the fight. If a fight for a relationship ends up being a fight against each other, there’s no point in continuing.

Chances are that the two are divorced by now, but no further news have been published. Bert indicated that he would not divulge details about the divorce in order to protect not only his sons but also their mother.

Bert and Stacey are continuing their business relationship for their foundation, which is commendable and shows true dedication and perhaps means that they are better off as friends at this stage in their lives.

Good on them.

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