Testament to a private life – Barry Watson and Tracy Hutson divorced without anyone noticing

Once upon a time Tracy Hutson and Barry Watson were married. They had two children and then they divorced, which went unnoticed by pretty much everyone. Divorce finalized some time in 2011

Barry Watson and Tracy Hutson were no high school sweethearts, though they did attend high school together. They did briefly date in their twenties, however, but then had to be reunited through friends in 2003.


Sometime in 2004 they were married and in 2005 they had their first son, Oliver, who was followed in 2007 by their second son Felix. Pictures of the couple indicate that they were happy, they certainly looked happy together. Not many pictures of the whole family exist.

Tracy is renowned as a designer and style consultant on the very popular reality TV showExtreme Makeover: Home Edition, which is has been awarded with more than oneEmmy. And Barry has been reasonably successful as an actor after starring for many years on 7th Heaven. But neither really enjoys so much fame that they’d be much in the public eye or hounded by paparazzi.

Considering their line of work, Tracy and Barry benefit from a reasonable amount of privacy. So nobody really noticed when their marriage broke apart and that they eventually divorced in 2011. Perhaps it is also a sign that the divorce was fairly amicable, because messy divorces always get at least some attention.

So the couple parted ways. If Tracy is dating anyone it is not public knowledge. She does have a busy career and two boys to look after, but she probably does go on dates.


Barry on the other hand has definitely moved on. He started dating Natasha Gregson Warner, actress and daughter of legend Natalie Wood, atsome point in 2011. In May 2012 the news broke that Barry and Natasha were expecting a child and nobody had even known that the two were dating.

They became parents of a girl only a month later.

There is no confirmation that the two have actually married, but apparently Barry recently changed his Twitter bio from being a partner to being a husband, which would indicate that they did indeed marry.

It would seem that Barry is continuing his private life with his new partner, perhaps already wife, and will likely keep it private, if those two should ever break up.

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