Bala and Amrutha Suresh – Are they or are they not going to divorce?

In June reports made the rounds that Bala Suresh was going to file for divorce from wife Amrutha. Whilst she vehemently denied that this was the case, Bala confirmed that he indeed intended to file.

Bala met Amrutha on reality TV. He was the judge at a music competition show and she was one of the contestants. They fell in love and the rest was history.

Bala and Amrutha Suresh wedding

The two were married in 2010. Whilst Bala was already a famous Malayalam actor, Amrutha was just beginning her music career. In between, however, she gave birth to their daughter.

Whilst both were pursuing their careers, the world was certainly under the impression that the couple was happy. Their love story was well known, because it played out so publicly, but that doesn’t mean people knew what went on in the marriage.

When rumours began to make the rounds back in June that the couple was headed for a divorce, fans were understandably shocked. Amrutha very quickly went on Facebook to deny any such thing. She did say that they had problems like any other couples, but no one needed to split over a few misunderstandings.

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Bala on the other hand came forward and confirmed that he was indeed planning to file for divorce. He said at the time only that he was about to undergo a minor surgery and after that he’d make his move and would also explain what was going on.

However, that never happened. The surgery probably did, but he never spoke again about his intentions to divorce. Rumours continued to spread, though.

One of the most cited reasons for the impending divorce was the fact that Amrutha had formed her own band to further her music career. It would also make her a lot busier and potentially take her away on tour. Given that Bala is often away as an actor shooting movies, the couple would have had to spend even more time apart. But is that a reason to divorce?

On the other hand it has been speculated that Bala was sorely disappointed that he never got to see his daughter. At the time it was said that he had only seen her five or six times in the last six months, which is certainly not a lot by any standard.

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Nastier versions of this rumour would have it that Amrutha and her family don’t allow him to see his daughter. That seems rather extreme and could not be confirmed at all. But most rumours contain at least a grain of truth.

We don’t know what the current status of the relationship is. Reconciliation has been speculated at, because no further steps towards a divorce appear to have been taken. But that is just another rumour.

Bala is said to be living alone, whilst Amrutha is said to try and fix the marriage.

If he had filed we would likely know about it. But even if he filed the divorce would not have been decreed yet, because there is a mandatory six-month cooling off period, which has not passed yet.

Whatever the truth, we can only hope that the two manage to work through their differences for the sake of their daughter. That doesn’t mean they have to remain married, if there’s no way to stay together. It just means they should try and keep things amicable, whatever the outcome may be.


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