Ashley Judd quietly and amicably divorces from Dario Franchitti

After 12 years of happy married life, Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti surprise everyone by announcing the end of their marriage. It’s a mystery what led to the split. Divorce finalized in 2013, no date available.

They met early in 1999 at a party, introduced to each other by mutual friends in the hopes that there would be a spark between the two. There was indeed and Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti began dating, ultimately getting engaged in December 1999.

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti wave their fans

They married in a lavish ceremony in January 2001 with 300 guests in attendance in Dario’s native Scotland. The two were more or less inseparable from here on in. Ashley would always be at his races, cheering him on and congratulating him on every one of his wins. She stated on numerous occasions how proud of him she was, even though she knew next to nothing about racing when they first met.

Dario in turn hadn’t known the actress before they met, but would go on to accompany her at red carpet events, supporting her in her profession just as she supported him. They seemed for all the world to see a happy couple.

Though not all was well in their lives, which became obvious when Ashley entered a 47-day treatment for emotional problems and depression in February 2006. She later confessed to her unhappiness, which extended to her marriage. But after the treatment she was much better and much happier, and if they had had any troubles during that time, Dario and Ashley pulled through and continued on their path together.

The couple led their lives mostly away from Hollywood, splitting their time between Scotland and Tennessee. Ashley seemed to prefer her role as a supportive wife, always showing much affection to her now ex-husband.

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti look so made for each other!

It’s therefore difficult to explain why the couple split. Neither of them has made an official statement giving a reason. When they announced the end of their marriage, it was apparently a mutual decision. They also said that they would continue to be family, cherishing each other. Ashley later added that she would always consider Dario a loved one. Her now ex-husband also confirmed that he continues to be great friends with Ashley after the divorce, but that life as a single is obviously different for him now, something that’s not easy to adjust to.

Last October Dario was in a horrific race car accident, which ultimately forced him to retire from racing. Ashley rushed to his side as he was recovering, sparking speculations of reconciliation. But those rumors were quickly silenced. It did show that the exes still very much care about one another, however.

The couple does not have any children. So at least nobody else is affected by their divorce. Given the private nature of their marriage, it’s unlikely that much more will be said on the matter. Dario confirmed that they were, in fact, divorced now, but no details of the divorce are known. Since the split was very amicable, one can only guess that the divorce was settled amicably as well.

Ashley is currently busy with work. And Dario is focused on his career after the races. He is rumored to have a new girlfriend. There have been engagement, secret wedding and even baby rumors. But it doesn’t seem as if this mysterious girlfriend even has a name, let alone a face. Thus far none of the above was in any way confirmed and is most likely untrue.

Whilst they are now on separate paths, it is good to see a couple splitting up amicably and continuing a friendly relationship. It would be hard to fathom that such a long relationship, even though it is over, should turn hopelessly sour for no apparent reason at all. Perhaps they ended up growing apart like so many other couples do. Neither of them seems terribly unhappy right now and will hopefully find new happiness with new partners at some point in the future.


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Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti look stunning together

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