Ashleigh Banfield’s fairly tale marriage ended in divorce and not a happily ever after

Ashleigh Banfield met her future husband when walking her dogs. Whilst their relationship seemed to have started in a fairy tale, it ended in a divorce.

Even though Ashleigh Banfield is a very well known TV journalist and reporter, there is not much known about her private life.

Ashleigh Banfield and Howard Gould being snapped

The story of how she met ex-husband Howard Gould, great-grandson of railroad developer Jay Gould, seems iconic even now that they are divorced.

Apparently Ashleigh and Howard met in Central Park whilst each of them was walking their dogs. Sometimes it’s said they each walked one dog, other times they each walked two dogs. The precise number hardly matters, however.

People do meet when walking their dogs and sometimes they get talking, which is clearly what happened here. Was it love at first sight? We don’t know and only Ashleigh and Howard could tell, but they certainly began seeing each other after that first chance encounter.

In 2004 they were married in a lavish ceremony on a 85ft yacht and within the next three years the two had two sons together.

In photos the couple certainly looked happy enough, but eventually their union failed the test of time and perhaps the test of other things.


We don’t know what broke the couple up after they started off in such a Hollywood-like romance. They were clearly happy long enough to have children, but whatever ended their relationship is only for them to know.

It seems that some people manage to work in the public eye and still have a private life to keep to themselves. That is quite the achievement, but leaves the rest of us wondering why the couple didn’t manage to hold onto their fairy tale beginnings.

There is hope, at least, that their split was not a nasty one. That would have likely garnered some attention, but since we know no details, not even when precisely the divorce took place, things may just have been amicable for them.


Howard Gould & Ashleigh Banfield travel time

Howard Gould & Ashleigh Banfield snapped at an airport

Howard Gould & Ashleigh Banfield evergreen smiles

Howard Gould & Ashleigh Banfield dressed in formals

Ashleigh Banfield and Howard Gould snapped at an event

Ashleigh Banfield and Howard Gould say cheese