Anna Camp rebounded quickly after her divorce and is now engaged to Skylar Astin

Anna Camp was married to Michael Mosley for only three years. After he filed for divorce in 2013, she moved on with Skylar Astin and is now engaged to him. Divorce finalized in 2013

Anna Camp is best known for her role as Aubrey in Pitch Perfect I and II. She’s had her break-through role in True Blood, however, and has been visible on TV and with movie roles elsewhere since. Her ex-husband Michael Mosley is no less well-known, though he tends to stick to TV appearance, of which he has many.

Anna Camp with ex husband Michael Mosley

They had been together for quite some time and were engaged in 2008. The couple married in 2010, but remained childless. Anna has said she definitely wants to be a mother at some point, but clearly she has not been ready yet. As it turned out, Michael was not the one she is going to have children with.

He filed for divorce in April 2013, citing the always handy ‘irreconcilable differences’. Neither Anna nor Michael has ever spoken out about their divorce and since we don’t even know when it was finalized, we can assume that it went down quietly and reasonably amicably. It’s not even likely that Michael paid any alimony since Anna is no less successful than he is.

What surprised almost everyone, however, was how quickly Anna moved on after her divorce. Whilst she and Michael had been separated since New Year’s Day 2013, nobody would have expected her to be with another man by the next New Year’s Day.

That man was Skylar Astin, her Pitch Perfect co-star. The two had barely any onscreen time together, but they became friends on the set of the first movie. Apparently it was love at first sight for Skylar, though he reportedly had a girlfriend at the time.

Anna Camp with her present boyfriend Skylar Astin

Anna said in interviews that Skylar asked her out on a date after the divorce was over and done with and although she is five years older than him, she agreed, wanting to know where it might lead.

The two have been together ever since.

Three years after she first separated from her ex-husband, she announced on Instagram that Skylar had asked her to marry him and she said yes. She had previously said that she was not opposed to getting married again and not only is Skylar her best friend, she even calls him magical. Clearly there’s a lot of love between those two.

It would appear that Skylar may be the man that Anna will start a family with. We certainly hope she won’t have to go through another divorce. First she needs to get married again, though.


Anna Camp & Skylar Astin snapped at an event

Anna Camp & Skylar Astin pose for a photoshoot

Anna Camp & Skylar Astin look so cute together

Anna Camp & Skylar Astin look happy together

Anna Camp & Skylar Astin cozying