George Lopez and how he divorced the woman who saved his life

After 17 years of marriage George Lopez and Ann Serrano decided to go separate ways. How do you divorce someone who gave you a kidney? Divorce finalized on July 1, 2011.

They met in 1990 and apparently the sparks didn’t fly right away. But they became a couple and married in 1993 after Ann proposed to George. It seems he wasn’t the most romantic of guys and given his tough childhood that may not even be a surprise.

Ann Serrano and George Lopez happy days

Their daughter arrived in 1996. She remained an only child.

In Hollywood the marriage of George Lopez and Ann Serrano was considered bullet proof. By all accounts they were happy and for many years there appeared to be no problem whatsoever.

In 2005 everyone was surprised to hear that Ann had donated one of her kidneys in a life-saving surgery to her then-husband. Nobody had known that George had been sick in any way and he was back on the golf course only three weeks after the surgery. Apparently he needed a new kidney because of a genetic disorder, which had damaged his old ones beyond functioning.

For Ann saving her husband’s life was never in doubt. Faced with the possibility of losing a loved one she knew it was what she had to do. After undergoing a barrage of tests she was deemed a suitable donor, which is unusual enough given how many things have to be right before someone is considered a match. Eventually the transplant was performed. Whilst kidney transplants are fairly common, they do pose a threat to the donor’s life and complications during the procedure can arise. Ann would have gone in fully knowing the dangers the procedure posed to her own well-being and she did it anyway.

Ann Serrano with daughter Mayan Lope and ex husband George Lopez

In the case of George and Ann all went well. George recovered speedily and dropped a significant amount of weight as a result of his improved health after the transplant.

George was quite aware that there was no way he could ever repay his wife for what she had done for him, but he promised to make her happy. It would seem that it didn’t last, however, because only five years later the couple announced that they were going to divorce.

It had been a mutual and amicable decision and the separation had been worked on for some time before the announcement was made. The pair said that they would remain dedicated parents to their daughter and also continue to be involved in their charity “The Lopez Foundation” together.

Ann Serrano and George Lopez arrive at an event

But apart from citing the perfunctory “irreconcilable differences”, neither of them gave a satisfying reason for the dissolution of their marriage. Instead there were rumors, of course. George’s relationship with alcohol may have played a part as he seems to indulge a little more than what is considered healthy.

There have also been rumors of George cheating on his then-wife with prostitutes. It does not appear as if George has ever really acknowledged those allegations. His marriage broke apart only a few months after they first appeared, though.

If he did indeed cheat on his ex-wife, he certainly broke his promise to make her happy. And after all that Ann has done for him, she did lose a loved one in the end regardless of her sacrifice. Whilst the divorce was finalized in July 2011, the finances needed a little longer to settle.

After all, how much do you pay someone who saved your life?

Last year it was settled that Ann would receive 50% of her ex-husbands retirement funds accrued during their marriage. In all likelihood she received money outside of that particular settlement as well. She certainly deserves it.

Neither of them appears to be dating anyone at this time; though one does not need a new partner in order to move on from the old one.


George Lopez and Ann Serrano at an event

Ann Serrano and George Lopez with daughter Mayan Lope

Ann Serrano and George Lopez pose for a photoshoot