Amy and Matt Roloff may be separated, but a divorce is not yet in sight

After 26 years of marriage Amy and Matt Roloff decided to separate. If it will be for good or if they can reconcile remains to be seen.

They have been married since 1987 and have four children together, but in March 2014 Amy and Matt Roloff, stars of reality TV show Little People, Big World, announced that they were separating. They explained that they had indeed been living separately on their property for a while at the time, Amy had been staying in the main house and Matt had moved to the guest house.

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff-the made for each other couple

The move appears to have been Matt’s choice, not Amy’s, who has admitted to being saddened by the situation. Both, however, agree that they have not always had an easy marriage. When tension reached a high point around Thanksgiving 2013, Matt couldn’t handle it any longer and moved out of the main house.

He said that the couple may have stuck together even during times when maybe it would have been better not to do so. Amy, too, said that they failed to learn to live together over many years.

It seems like an odd statement.

27 years of marriage are no easy feat. Whilst many storms may have been weathered, there must have been enough love for the couple to want to make it work and stick together. How did they not learn to live together?Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff enjoy the splash

Oddly, Matt also said that he never felt quite at home in his own home. Though they have had the farm since 1990, which is enough time for most people to settle in the home they have made for themselves.

Of course, the start of their show Little People, Big World might have contributed to the alienation Matt seems to be feeling. When one’s home is invaded by a whole camera crew and millions of viewers on a regular basis, one may very well feel as if one is living on a set rather than a home. At the same time the Roloffs have chosen to be part of this show. Even now when they are separated the show is still on and their separation is now obviously also a part of it.

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff with their kids

Nobody has been talking about divorce yet, though. It would appear that Amy is hoping for reconciliation, though Matt’s position isn’t quite as clear. The couple has a lot of issues to resolve, if they are going to give their relationship another chance. They could try for a fresh start, especially since they have a lot that still connects them.

Marriage counselling may also be an option.

Viewers will find out in good time how things will develop between the pair. As long as the show is running and both of them are part of it, their relationship status will also be part of it. But the public scrutiny may not actually be helpful. Separation is hard enough without everyone supplying their opinions on the matter and perhaps it should be handled privately and not in front of cameras.

Whatever path they will end up taking, let’s hope there will be happiness, together or apart, for both of them at the end of it.


Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff wedding

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff all smilesMatt Roloff and Amy Roloff look cheerful

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff look happy