When the laughter dies – Amy Poehler and Will Arnett divorce

Comedy’s dream couple Will Arnett and Amy Poehler surprised everyone when they announced their separation in 2012. Two years later they are finally divorcing, but remain friends.

What could possibly go wrong when two funny people are married to each other? That’s what many fans wondered when Will Arnett and Amy Poehler announced their separation two years ago. Fans were shocked and incredulous, perhaps even hoped for reconciliation.

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett at an Awards function

Did their marriage fail? Amy Poehler says no.

Will saw Amy onstage for the first time in 1996 and much later revealed that he had a crush on her immediately. But they only started dating in 2000 after they met properly through friends. In 2001 they moved to New York when Amy joined NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Despite successful careers even then, they kept going strong and finally married in 2003.

Their lives, however, only kept getting busier as both stars became more and more successful and sought after. Many other couples would likely never have made it as long as these two. And they kept their spark alive, making sure to see each other as much as possible, even though that often meant commuting from the east coast to the west coast.

When you are happy to just be together, and miss each other during the times you are apart, love prevails. And unlike many other acting couples, Amy and Will worked together quite frequently throughout the years. It seems to create a special bond when you are able to work closely with your partner and it is certainly a test for the relationship as well, because their chosen profession is often strenuous and requires a lot of patience. If you can work through that together, it makes for a stronger bond in your off-screen partnership as well.

For Amy and Will it resulted in welcoming two children into their lives, son Archie in 2008 and in son Abel in 2010.

Amy Poehler & Will Arnett look all dressed up

Looking at their relationship, it’s no surprise that their fans thought they would last against all odds. But when the pair announced in September 2012 that they were separating, those hopes were crushed.

Many wanted to know what happened, but neither Will nor Amy has given details on the reasons for the split. Sources close to the couple said they lost their spark and found themselves drifting apart. Whilst they still loved each other and the split was quite amicable, their love was not romantic anymore but of the kind friends have for each other. And since neither of them could be truly happy with that situation, they took the inevitable step of separating instead and pursuing their individual happiness.

In 2013 Amy began dating Nick Kroll, whom she has known for years. Will Arnett confessed initially that he was scared of the whole dating thing, and instead spent a good eight months working out at the gym in order to work through the separation. But eventually he was linked to celebrity chef Katie Lee. They don’t seem to be dating anymore and Will has been linked to one or two other women since then, but currently it’s not official that he is dating anyone.

Amy Poehler Will Arnett with sons Archie-Abel

Amy and Will remain friends and dedicated parents to their sons. In fact, when Will Arnett said he found his happiness in 2013, he was referring to his sons. And Amy also cites their existence as a reason that she doesn’t consider her marriage a failure.

Recently, of course, she admitted that it sucks to get divorced. Nobody gets married thinking about divorce, but when you eventually find yourself facing one, it’s never a happy situation, no matter how amicably you may have split from your partner.

Since both seemed to have moved on and were dating others, it was probably high time when Will officially filed for divorce in April 2014. But apart from requesting joint custody for their sons, no other details of their actual divorce have surfaced. It was likely all settled peacefully, as neither of them had grounds to create a fuss.

It was the first marriage and divorce for Amy Poehler, but Will had been there before. In 1994 he married actress Penelope Ann Miller, but divorced her less than a year later. He still believes in marriage, however, and if he finds the right person, he will likely get married to her again. Perhaps it will be the third time lucky for him.

There may not be a “happily ever after” for everyone’s favorite comedic ex-couple, but fans should hope that they will find happiness each on their own with new partners. Amy and Will would certainly hope for the same.

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Will Arnett Amy Poehler with son Archie

Will Arnett & Amy Poehler pose for a photoshoot!

Amy Poehler with current boyfriend Nick Kroll

Amy Poehler looks happy with Will Arnett

Amy Poehler hugs Will Arnett

Amy Poehler & Will Arnett at an event

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