Alexa Vega first married Sean Covel at barely 22 and divorced at 24 – at 25 she is married once more

Alexa Vega is best known for the children movie “Spy Kids”. But she’s all grown up and after her first marriage and divorce to Sean Covel, she's already married again. Divorce finalized in December 2012

Alexa Vega married for the first time in October 2010. She had been engaged to Sean Covel for a year by that time, so one can’t say that she rushed into an early marriage.

Alexa Vega & Sean Covel Wedding

There was never an outward indication of unhappiness in her marriage to Sean, but after less than two years she ended up filing for divorce in July 2012. She was only 23 years old at the time. The separation date had been given as March 5, which means the pair had been separate for four months by the time Alexa filed for divorce.

The marriage was almost shorter than the engagement.

She didn’t say a bad word about Sean, however. Neither did he have anything to say about her. According to Alexa the pair simply evolved out of a marriage and into a friendship. Whilst a marriage should include friendship, the opposite is certainly not true and if the spark was no longer there, there was no point to keep the marriage going.

Clearly they both knew how to deal with the situation. The separation seems to have gone down entirely amicable.

Celebration time for Alexa Vega & Carlos Pena

The property was divided without a hitch and spousal support does not appear to have been an issue. Thankfully the couple had no children, so nobody else had to be considered in this.

At no point did Alexa truly speak about how she felt about the divorce. No mention of pain or sadness or any of the usual depressing emotions that accompany a divorce. Either she simply kept all that to herself, or her approach to the situation was mature beyond her age.

The fact that the divorce was not a prolonged fight that dragged out in court probably helped. The divorce was finalized within six months of the filing and Alexa and Sean simply went separate ways.

Alexa for her part moved on quickly. She began dating Carlos Pena perhaps as early as 2012 after her separation from Sean Covel.

Carlos Pena gets cozy with Alexa Vega

By September 2013 she was engaged to Carlos and in January 2014 the two wed. Alexa calls him the best thing that ever happened to her and the two seem over the moon happy.

Carlos has certainly a lot more in common with her than he ex-husband did, which may well contribute to a successful and lasting relationship. They can do all their growing up together and are facing the same trials and tribulations in the industry they are both a part of.

The two are so happy that they’ve adopted PenaVega as their combined surname.

Alexa’s ex-husband approves of the union as he tweeted his congratulations into the world, even teasing his diminutive ex-wife and her not-much-taller husband, hoping their children would somehow be tall.

At the rate Alexa is going, the first child may not be far away, though she is certainly also busy with her career.


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Alexa Vega Carlos Pena look happy

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