Aisha Tyler’s and Jeff Tietjens’ 25-year love story ends in divorce

Aisha Tyler was married for 24 years before her husband filed for divorce. Though separated for a year already, Aisha professed that she would always love him.

Aisha famously met her now estranged husband Jeff Tietjens when she was still a teenager. Well, she might have been 18 or 19, which technically still means she was a teenager. The two met at college and have been together ever since.

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Until now, that is.

Aisha always spoke of her husband lovingly. He was her best friend and her constant companion. The lawyer had not chosen the life of a celebrity, but he had chosen his wife. They had been a couple even before Aisha had opted for a career in the entertainment industry. But since he’s a quiet and private guy, it certainly wasn’t his world.

He did show up for his wife, though, standing by her side on red carpets. But outside of that Aisha kept her private life as private as possible.

Until it was time to reveal some big secrets on The Talk, the talk show she co-hosts with the likes of Sharon Osborne and Sara Gilbert. There she revealed that she and her husband had been trying to conceive a child and that she had undergone IVF treatments for over two years.

Aisha Tyler and Jeff Tietjen with kids

It’s been a long and painful struggle and due to a medical condition it ultimately proved impossible for Aisha to become pregnant. Whilst women beyond 40 are less likely to become pregnant anyway, her chances were at most 5%. Eventually the couple decided to end the treatment. Their doctor didn’t believe that it could happen and the continued disappointment didn’t help.

It had been Jeff, who had administered the injections and Aisha said that it had been painful for him to do so. Not to mention that the hormonal and emotional struggle got to Aisha as well. The whole ordeal, no doubt, put a strain on their relationship – no matter how much they loved each other.

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At the time Aisha left the question whether the two might want to go down different avenues open. The pain had still been too fresh. But surrogacy or an adoption could have been an option in the future. Aisha believed that her husband would have made a great father.

In April, just three months ago, we learned that Jeff had filed for divorce from Aisha. He cited irreconcilable differences and it emerged that the couple had been separated since January 2015. He didn’t request spousal support in his filing, but left that option open.

Shortly after the reveal Aisha spoke on the impending divorce, admitting that she had hoped to keep things quiet until after the divorce was finalized. She wanted to protect Jeff, who had never chosen the spotlight. She also admitted that she had no problem admitting that she wanted to protect him. He was a good guy and deserved better. And she still loved him, she always would.

Aisha doesn’t consider her marriage a failure. And whilst she didn’t go into the reasons for the split, she said that the two simply had come to realize that their path was no longer a shared one. They wanted different things now. They still loved each other and tried to end their marriage with the utmost respect and kindness, letting each other go. Her tears betrayed her pain, however, and that letting go isn’t always easy, even when it’s the right thing to do.

Jeff was the only man Aisha had been with in her adult life. Letting someone go, you’ve been with for such a long time is difficult. It has to be; otherwise the years spent together wouldn’t mean anything.

Whilst we don’t know the reasons behind the split, we hope that their struggles to conceive are not the main reason. Hopefully the couple manages to sort their divorce amicably and quietly, the way they obviously wish to proceed.


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