Adrianne Curry’s marriage to Christopher Knight was one of irreconcilable differences and ended in divorce because of them

Their relationship began on screen, evolved there when they had their own show and culminated in a televised wedding. But five years later Christopher Knight filed fordivorce from Adrianne Curry. Divorce finalized in April 2013

More often than not relationships that begin on-screen are doomed to fail. Perhaps it is the artificial set-up under which the two people involved have met; perhaps it’s the public scrutiny. Whatever the reason, few relationships that begin on a reality TV show tend to last. Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight were no exception.

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight look happy

They met in 2005 on the set of The Surreal Life, a reality TV show in which they lived together with others as housemates. Adrianne later said that she started looking at bridal magazines two weeks after they first met. It appears it was very much love at first sight.

After their divorce, Christopher said that whilst there was always a lot of drama, he was glad to have met her when he did. They would not normally have crossed paths with each other and thus would never have had this relationship, if it hadn’t been for the show.

With their romance blossoming on The Surreal Life, they ended up getting a show together that showcased their courtship. At the end of My Fair Brady Christopher proposed to Adrianne. They were married on May 29th, 2006, and naturally there was a TV special about the wedding.

Yet, problems in their marriage were apparent pretty early on. The couple appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to discuss marital problems. Apparently Dr. Phil commented that their arguing, especially Knight’s hurtful comments, were indicative of a couple heading for divorce.

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight Wedding

When they finally did announce their separation, on their fifth anniversary in 2011, many were more surprised that they had lasted as long as they did.

Considering the comments the couple has made during their marriage and after, it is unlikely that they themselves have a clue how they made it this long. Adrianne seemed to have realized that she won’t be the last Mrs. Curry (she was the third) and said as much. But these two unlikely and very different people also appeared to fill a need in each other. Adrianne said that it would be very hard for anyone else to put up with either one of them, so they put up with each other instead.

They announced their split through their manager Phil Viardo, who said that they began their relationship with irreconcilable differences, which had eventually proved to be too much to handle for the couple. He also said that the decision was mutual and that the status of their relationship needed to be re-assessed. Maintaining an exhausting marriage like theirs was perhaps no longer worth the effort. But in May nobody was talking of divorce just yet.

Eventually, however, Christopher Knight did file for divorce. Again, nobody was surprised and once the divorce was finalized, reportedly in April 2013, Adrianne breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a long process and the details of their settlement are not public knowledge. Whilst she celebrated her divorce with an outburst on Twitter, she later said that she was merely happy for it to be over and able to move on, which was likely how Christopher felt as well.

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight look so much in love

The divorce was by all accounts amicable and the pair remained friendly throughout. Nobody claimed at any point that the two had fallen out of love. They were simply too different to make it work any longer than they had.

Both eccentric in their own way, it is not known if they have been dating anyone new since they went separate ways. Perhaps they each need rather stronger significant others, who share more similarities in character and their outlook in life.

Incidentally Christopher also mentioned that their age gap of nearly 25 years contributed to their difficulties. Often couples, especially in Hollywood, deny that their age difference plays any role in the success or failure of their relationship. It is almost refreshing to see a couple admitting that a gap like that may actually require some extra work.

Hopefully they’ll each find someone with whom they have fewer bridges to gap.


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