Adriana Lima – First eloped then divorced

The gorgeous model and her husband part ways due to possible career differences and cheating rumors.

What might it be like to be married to and have children with one of the arguably most beautiful women in the world? Serbian ex-NBA star Marko Jaric may never tell. But men around the world likely want to know, especially considering that there are rumors that he cheated on her, which caused the separation.

Adriana Lima Marco Jaric at an event

We are not and hopefully never will be privy to these details, because they belong to the 5-year marriage between supermodel Adriana Lima and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

When they started dating in 2006, the couple was on top of the world. Jaric said then that he was not one to easily fall in love, but that it was different with Adriana. In 2008 they were engaged and on Valentine’s Day 2009 they eloped, even though they had planned a lavish summer wedding for that same year.

Not long after that their first daughter was born in 2010 and in 2012 the second one.

Everything seemed to be perfect between the supermodel and the NBA basketball star. Adriana’s career was unstoppable, though she herself said that nothing tops being a mother. However, Jarics career was declining and in 2013 he retired from the NBA.

But for the longest time they spoke only lovingly of each other, with Jaric saying that they might be opposites in many ways, they also complemented each other very well. And they both appear to be adoring parents of their two young daughters, and announced in the split statement that they would continue to co-parent their children.

The pair was last photographed together at in February this year and since then the relationship seems to have been declining, with Adriana hinting at troubles when she posted an image on Instagram that said: “Quote of the day – He offered her the world. She said she had her own.”

Marco Jarica Adriana Lima along with their daughters

It is possible that the couple grew apart, because of their different career paths. Adriana Lima continues to be one of the most sought-after supermodels in the world, but Marko Jaric has currently no career to speak of.

Whilst this is guess work at best, it has been known to happen. It’s never easy for one partner in a relationship to lag too much behind their significant other. And it can cause stress on the relationship.

However, in their joint statement the couple asked for privacy in this difficult time, as anybody would. Perhaps it will be a quiet divorce. But rumor has it that Adriana is seeking full custody of their daughters and that she does not want alimony or the house they lived in.

Unless either of them speaks out, which they will likely only do if things get ugly, we won’t know what the true cause is behind the break-up. People do just grow apart and there can be a million and one reasons. But with children to consider, most couples tend to remain civil for the sake of them.

Since the divorce has yet to be finalized, celebrity watchers will remain on the look-out and speculations will run around the internet as they do. Adriana was recently seen with Justin Bieber, even linked to him in a hook-up.

It’s hard to see how the 32-year old supermodel could have an interest in a bratty 20-year old singer, but more surprising hook-ups have happened.

It is unlikely, however, that Adriana would enter any kind of relationship that would not put her daughters first. The supermodel is known to be a devout catholic, who loves her children and motherhood above anything else.

Worry not, your Twitter feed will keep you updated on the proceedings of this ex-couple’s divorce and who they may be linked to next.


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