Adam Arkin is dating once more after his second divorce two years ago

Adam Arkin was married twice, has been divorced both times and has a child with each of his former wives. Now in his late 50s he is heading back into the dating scene and perhaps looking for wife number 3.

Divorce finalized in 2014

Marriage is hard even when you’re not an actor married to another actor. But it seems toughest for anyone who is anyone in Hollywood and being married for more than a decade very much constitutes as an achievement.

Phyllis Lyons-Adam Arkin's second wife

Adam Arkin was married twice. First to his wife Linda with whom he had a daughter. But that marriage didn’t last and since we hardly know anything about it, it barely seems worth mentioning. Adam certainly never mentions it and if it weren’t for his daughter, it may even have been forgettable.

It didn’t deter him from getting married again, which is what he did in August 1998. According to some sources, however, he was married to Phyllis Lyons in 1999. Thus you can read that the couple was divorced after 13 years or nearly 15 years together. Adam himself is quoted as having said that he has been with Phyllis for nearly 13 years, though that seems inaccurate as he would have been in a relationship for some time before tying the knot in any case.

Be that as it may, the couple was long enough together to have a son and share much happiness until Phyllis filed rather suddenly for divorce in early August 2013. Apparently she gave the separation date as only a handful of days prior to filing the divorce, which surprised many.

Phyllis Lyons and Adam Arkin  snapped at an event

One can assume that Adam and Phyllis did not separate out of the blue. After nearly 14 or 15 years married that sort of thing tends to happen more gradually. Phyllis only offered up the customary irreconcilable differences as the divorce reason and neither she nor Adam have ever spoken about the reasons behind their split.

Given that the couple managed to keep their lives pretty private, it is impossible to venture much of a guess either. There were rumours that Adam had a gay affair and that Phyllis found out and filed for divorce almost right away. But those rumours seem entirely unsubstantiated and have hardly been cited anywhere.

We do know that Phyllis asked in her divorce petition for joint physical and legal custody for their son and she also asked the court to block any spousal support for her estranged husband. On top of that she requested that he be held liable for all court fees.

Adam is the more prolific and successful actor of the two, which makes this a reasonable request and it would have seemed unlikely for a court to have granted him spousal support anyway.

Phyllis Lyons and Adam Arkin  look happy together

We don’t know exactly when the divorce was finalized, but we can assume that the custody was settled as requested and that the divorce was a done deal no later than the usual six months it takes after its initial filing. Accordingly it would have been all over by early 2014.

Phyllis Lyons seems to have retired from acting, though perhaps not entirely voluntarily. Unfortunately women of 60 or older don’t get hired much, which is a shame.

Adam didn’t get back into the dating game right away. In fact, it took him nearly two years to contemplate getting himself out there again. He is a successful actor and has been steadily working on some pretty big shows. He’s handsome, the son of an Oscar winner, and he is even a director. That makes him a pretty eligible bachelor and we wouldn’t be surprised, if he finds himself wife number 3 in the not-so-far future.


Phyllis Lyons and Adam Arkin look great in black

Phyllis Lyons and Adam Arkin dayout

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