A.J. Allmendinger divorced ex-wife Lynne during a low point in life – now more successful than ever he wants to marry again

A.J. Allmendinger was married to ex-wife Lynne Kush for about five years during his rookie years as a race car driver. After their divorce his career really took off and he is set to marry his girlfriend.

Divorce finalized in 2012

Lynne Kush met her ex-husband A.J. Allmendinger in 2005. Back then the two were living in different countries and were unsure about moving forward with the whole dating thing. He was a rookie race car driver and she was still getting her chiropractic license. Neither of them was in any way settled in their lives and their dating progressed slowly.

Lynne Kush and A.J. Allmendinger giving autographs

In 2007, then, the two married.

Lynne became a fully licensed chiropractor and accompanied A.J. on the racing circuit. She would go with him every weekend when another race was on. Whilst he would then race, she set up a table in front of their motor home and would work on other racers.

She was happy then. It was a crazy time for both of them, because A.J. was virtually a nobody. But she supported him in every way she could and was always there for him. But even then she admitted that she never felt stable, neither of them did. Perhaps because A.J. was far from being successful yet.

The rollercoaster didn’t stop for them. The two adopted a puppy and when asked about children, Lynne deflected. Maybe in the future. They were still in their mid-twenties and it was much too early for that. They were just managing their careers then.

Lynne Kush and A.J. Allmendinger look happy together

But she hoped to be still on the racing circuit five years later. She said that in 2009. But by 2011 the couple was more or less history and in the first half of 2012 they were divorced.

What happened?

Who can rightly say? A.J. has certainly never spoken about it and Lynne leads an anonymous life these days. His racing career was nearly over in 2012, which may have had an influence on the divorce.

Perhaps Lynne simply didn’t want to struggle anymore. Perhaps after five years with A.J. the life of a race car driver’s wife was just not for her any longer.

Only months after the divorce A.J. began dating Tara Meador. His career took a turn for the better and he’s now certainly among the more successful drivers, earning more than his keep. It’s been said that he considers Tara the “one” and may well be taking her down the aisle sooner rather than later. It was also said that he was never really all that sure about marrying ex-wife Lynne, but he seems to have no such qualms with Tara.

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Tara Meador and A.J. Allmendinger say cheese

Tara Meador and A.J. Allmendinger pose for a photoshoot

Tara Meador and A.J. Allmendinger out in the sun

Lynne Kush and A.J. Allmendinger look so made for each other

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